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(Boarding Clients only) Why are crates required?  Crates are a great way to provide separate eating and sleeping spaces to pups who board with us.  Some dogs are food aggressive, or very docile when it comes to protecting their food source.  Letting them eat in their crate helps everyone get the nutrition they need, in peace.  Discuss with your sitter if your dog requires special accommodations.

(Boarding Clients only) Can I take a tour of the facility?  Our sitters board from their own homes, giving your pet access to their personal living spaces.  There is an aspect of privacy sitters are allowed to maintain.  That said, we know that pet parents want to know about the living spaces their dogs will be in.  It is the discretion of your boarding sitter to allow you to look around their home, but it is not a requirement. 

Do you offer any discounts?  We have discontinued our broad discount program.  Please discuss with your sitter directly if they are willing to offer any special deals.

Do you require vaccines?  We do require that your pup be up to date on their standard required vaccines per the state of Michigan.  Please check with your vet.  Creative Canine Pet Services is not responsible for any illnesses that result from your dog being unvaccinated. 


Can my sitter send me pics while my dog is away?  Yes of course!  You are welcome to check on your pet anytime during their stay between the hours of 9am-9pm.  Just reach out to your sitter directly.

(Boarding Clients only) Is someone there overnight?  Our sitters are required to not leave your pet home alone at night.

I don't know if house-sitting is for me, why should I use this instead of a boarder?  Your dogs will do better in an environment they are used to, and won't experience all of the anxiety that comes with being away from their home (den).  

Are there any breeds that you don’t work with?  This is a behavioral specific question; we do not believe in any bad breeds.  Please have a conversation with your sitter to determine if your dog’s behavior is a good fit for their style of care.

How do I pay you?  When you register your pet, you’ll be prompted to enter a credit or debit card for payment.  Card numbers are encrypted, so they are never shared with us.  Deposits are required where applicable.

Are there any dogs that you refuse to take?  Yes, we will no longer offer services to dogs purchased from The Barking Boutique.

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